Bug in Rich Edit control

Basically this not a vc++ bug. Its actually a bug in the RichEdit control so the bug belongs to windows.

Check the picture…

What you see inside the red circle is the caret of rich edit control. It passed the boundaries of rich edit control and moved to the dialog.

Step to reproduce.

1. Create a dialog based application and place a rich edit control on it.
2. Give the Multi line and Auto HSCROLL style.
3. Now run the application and click inside the rich edit, and keep on pressing space bar. You can see the caret crossing the boundary of rich edit and starts moving through the dialog.

This problem exists in vista and XP. But I didn’t find a place to report this bug to Microsoft. I searched the whole internet to find some one already reported this problem. But coudn’t find any. I dont know why such a problem haven’t been noticed for the past 12 years( 12 years because I think the problem exists in the rich edit of 95 also ).

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